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HOMENational Gamegrowing Station "Dikchan"

Address: Bulgaria, P.B. 2950, Satovcha, 39 “ Todor Shopov ” Str.
Phone: +359882/336 710
Fax: +35975412170
Open: From monday to friday from 8:00 to 17:00



National Gamegrowing Station "DIKCHAN"

For the seekers of hunting adventures the Wild Game growing Station Dikchan is a preferred place for hunting and recreation not only because it is located in the beautiful south - east Rodopa mountains but also for the big variety and abundance of wild game.

The perfect geographical location, the exceptionally mild Mediterranean climate due to the close proximity of the river Mesta and artificial Lake Dospat provides the necessary environment for a large population of the major wild game species.

The hunting station is located in the picturesque site Dikchan. It has three hunting rest houses with 30 beds for accommodation. The wide meadows and the centuries old woods provide a perfect place for hunting and rest.

The territory of this game and forest reserve is covered with historical places – ancient Thracian sanctuary, Roman bridges and battle defense towers from the middle centuries. Tourists can make unforgettable trips and experience moments of the Bulgarian Renaissance visiting the cultural reserves Dolen and Kovachevitsa.

Under such conditions hunting is always pleasant and successful. Big game hunting includes red deer, stag deer, wild boar, roe deer, cock of the wood. Predatory animals include wolf and fox, the small game includes hare, partridge, rock partridge, marten and wild cat.